Rotary Joints for Slow and High Speed Applications

Fulton Systems is the exclusive Paper Industry contact for Barco products.

Barco products are designed to provide superior performance and maintenance free operation.

Barco joints for water service & Barco Swivel joints.

Barco Type EC
Use: Calendars - paper and plastic
Sizes: 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4"
Temp: +300F (149C)
Pressure Rating: 150 psi
(10.5 Kg/cm2)
RPM: 750

**No Longer Available**

Barco Type E-75 RS & RSX
Use: Cooling Rolls
Sizes: 3/8" through 3"
Temp: +225F (107C)
Pressure Rating: 150 psi (10.3 bar)
Speed: 3/8" to 3/4" = 3500 RPM
1" = 3000 RPM
1-1/4 & 1-1/2" = 2500 RPM
2" & 2-1/2" = 750 RPM
3" = 500 RPM

Additional Information and Specifications

Self Aligning Swivels
Use: Angular and rotary alignment motion with positive sealing
Media: Steam, water, hot oil
Sizes: 3/8" to 2"
High Pressure Steam in
1-1/4 & 1-1/2" (700psig)
Pressure Rating: 325psig (23 Kg/cm2)

Additional Information and Specifications

Barco Plain Swivel
Use: Handles single & multi-plane swivel movement with positive sealing.
Sizes: 1" through 6" sizes
Connections: Threaded, flanged, and welded

Additional Information and Specifications

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